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08 July 2010 @ 12:48 am

Just wrote this long updated entry and then clicked the wrong button and it deleted it all.

I am obsessed with You Lost Me by Christina Aguilera.
I am going to start running friday, if I have the willpower.
I am might likely going to have to get my toenail removed because it hurts and its cracked in half. Gross I know, I have no idea how it happened.
Selena is not allowed to hangout with me anymore.
Selena got an email from Quintin last friday.
I went upnorth an saw my brother, and cried the whole way home.
I painted my nails limegreen tonight.
My contacts make me look stoned all the time.
I'm going to Royal Oak with Heather tomorrow.



Current Music: Christina Aguilera-You Lost Me