Friends Only

My post will now be friends only.
I was oblivious that my stuff would appear on google if you typed it in...yeah I'm dumb.

I stoled that image from google because I'm unoriginal.

Comment to be added, friends only.


Just wrote this long updated entry and then clicked the wrong button and it deleted it all.

I am obsessed with You Lost Me by Christina Aguilera.
I am going to start running friday, if I have the willpower.
I am might likely going to have to get my toenail removed because it hurts and its cracked in half. Gross I know, I have no idea how it happened.
Selena is not allowed to hangout with me anymore.
Selena got an email from Quintin last friday.
I went upnorth an saw my brother, and cried the whole way home.
I painted my nails limegreen tonight.
My contacts make me look stoned all the time.
I'm going to Royal Oak with Heather tomorrow.


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    Christina Aguilera-You Lost Me

Posting out of anger.

This may be TMI for most of anyone who reads this BUT
I started and ended my period last week, and what do I wake up to this morning? Another period.
Once a month is more than enough but TWICE?! Not fair.

Anyways, going to Bay-Rama with Allison in a half hour to ride the hell out of all the unsafe carnival rides. Tonight are the fireworks as well, but fireworks don't really appeal to me. I find it slightly boring to watch fireworks after the first two are blown into the air. So fourth of july is blah for me minus being up north every year and getting to dress festive. I love dressing up for holidays, but I have started to stop doing so over the past two years.


There is a Michael Jackson Loaded on Fuse right now, well its been on all day. But tomorrow I am wearing my Michael Jackson shirt that I cut up and sewed from last year. RIP You piece of art.

I just love

when people post a livejournal about me and not put my name on it thinking I know its not about me.
I don't use your traits, you think I "stole your word" because I said piss off. Cool I said piss off, its not like I learned it from you.
I didn't use you, I'm not a fucking douche and use people. You were my friend. I'm not blowing you off because I'm friends with heather and megan again, I haven't even talked or hung out with them since we apologized.
Our lack of communication...really? All week I have been on the computer to do homework and thats pretty much it. I don't see you in school and you don't have a phone so it's not like I go out of my way not to talk to you don't make an effort either.
Your the one that blew me off.
I have an attitude because everything going on in my life right now is stressful and I don't need other shit added on top of it.
I do not treat you like scum. You were not a back up plan. When I was friends with heather and megan I hung out with you didn't I? so how does that make you a back up plan WHILE I WAS FRIENDS WITH THEM?!
Word of advice, have the balls to tell me this instead of going onto your livejournal WHICH I AM FRIENDS WITH YOU ON.
I don't care if your not going to talk to me anymore because frankly, we barely talk anyways...and thats not only my fault so stop acting like it is.

Be pissed at me selena, I don't really mind.

Oh, and you had time to criticize me every time we talk, why would I have an attitude?
So I would enjoy it if you don't post s livejournal about me again, because I know you talking about me.
Stop being my friend is you find so much faults in me.